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Life at DoMS

– Satya Mudundi




Choosing to study for an MBA was a big decision. However, it was only the first of many to follow. The first practical question I had to confront was where I wanted to study. There are excellent Business Schools in and around Hyderabad. I had to decide which of the countless MBA programs suited me and where I wanted to live while studying. DoMS NALSAR was the standout: It had a strong program with experienced faculty (you can check them out here!).

Life as an MBA student at DoMS NALSAR is quite the experience. My week is a combination of study, networking and fun! We have a regular timetable planned for each trimester and classes begin from 9:00 am and go on till 5:15 in the evening. We have four classes, each lasting 90 minutes.


I have my first marketing presentation at 9:30 am. After a snappy breakfast in our dining hall, I head towards the classroom. Although most days I dress casually for classes, seminars contribute to my final grade so I feel it is important to look as professional as I sound. Suit and tie on, I read over my notes one final time before meeting my group. Then, I go in, make the presentation and knock it out of the park. All kidding aside, the professors throw some tricky questions our way, but we handle them fairly well and get a good feedback.


This morning I have a meeting with the placement committee to discuss my post-MBA work options. The university has excellent advisory services, and I leave buzzing with ideas. A critical aspect is building the CV. I sit down, with my laptop and a cup of coffee, to craft a CV that sends out the best possible picture of me. After an afternoon seminar, I catch up on some reading for my Operations and Research Methods class.


Sure, the workload now is heavier than before. But, I enjoy the perks of being a student again. Therefore, on Wednesdays, I often attend Marketing Club meetings. Therse are fun! Typically we do group discussions. Today we talked about emerging trends and changes in today’s market. We have an impressive library replete with the latest magazines and journals on business. This is only one of the many resources availability to me at DoMS NALSAR.


When I can, I take the chance to explore the areas surrounding the university. It is a quiet place far from all the bustling population and I am getting to know the place a little better. There’s a lovely lake only couple of kilometers from the college and at the beginning of today I chose to go out for a brief walk to appreciate the ambience encompassing the university.


Today I have a short seminar on career planning. Business school offers me the chance to choose my options and tailor the course to my own interests and skill set, and my desire to work in marketing once I graduate has led me to focus on lots of internships and live projects. The classes went on exceptionally intuitive whatever remains of the day and after a quick visit to the gym, I headed back to the dormitory.


Most Saturdays at DoMS NALSAR are dedicated to guest lectures, which are taken by the eminent industry personalities. DoMS NALSAR organizes various seminars and guest lectures so that the students have an idea of how industry actually functions and what are the skills that should be acquired to become a better manager. It is great meeting experts and stalwarts of industry.

November 30, 2018

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