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The five-year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) at NALSAR is a unique program for young ignited minds aspiring to pursue a career path in Business Management. It is designed as a comprehensive management program for students after class XII. The students would be awarded Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) by NALSAR after successful completion of five years of program.

The program consists of fifteen terms spread across five years. The first three years of the program are aimed at providing strong theoretical underpinnings, conceptual and practical insights in the various areas of philosophy, psychology, fine-arts, mathematics, economics, law and management. The last two years are aimed at nurturing holistic transformation of students into future business leaders and managers.

Located in a conducive learning environment, NALSAR promises to offer the best of management education embedded with law to produce legally aware managers with critical problem solving ability and skills to manage extremely dynamic business scenarios.

With the best-in-class faculty, the program promises a constant dialogue with business leaders, thought leaders, civil-society actors and academicians for providing strong bedrock for the future managers.

The Program offers a voluntary exit to the students after successfully completing the programme requirement at the end of 3 years and such students shall be awarded a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

The objectives of  IPM are as follows:

  1. To contribute to the learning and learnability aspects of the students and to introduce them to approaches for knowledge assimilation and skill acquisition.
  2. To provide strong foundations of management, law, philosophy and psychology to the young managers for all-round personality development.
  3. To inculcate and develop a strong work ethic and discipline sought after by the corporates that allow them to contribute productively to the fullest of their abilities.
  4. To emphasize on a more holistic thinking ability than just a process-driven approach to boost innovation and logical decision making
  5. To create opportunities for gaining practical exposure in diverse decision scenarios, realities and complexities as a part of their summer internships and live projects so as to develop deepened and contextualized understanding.
  6. To nurture students in shaping their overall personal and professional personality create a sense of the intellectual significance of self and be Industry ready at the end of the program.
  7. To nurture the entrepreneurial aspirations of the students and guide them towards tangible milestones during the program.
  8. To create a vibrant and participative intellectual and perceptive community that can contribute meaningfully to the individual growth of the members and also of society.