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Legislative & Regulatory Framework is one of the three key levers of power available with government (together with fiscal and monetary policy) and is of critical importance in developing and shaping of the financial services sector. The government, with a view to protect investor and public interest, has introduced various legislations to moderate and control the Financial Markets and systems to provide a stable, favorable, reliable and conducive economic climate.

Professionals and Personnel in the Financial Services sector play an instrumental role in bridging this gap and contributing to macro-economic development of the country. Hence, there is a significant need for service personnel to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the myriad systems, products, access channels, legislative frameworks in the Financial Services Sector in order to provide customized and value accretive solutions to the entrepreneurs/general public. The course is designed to provide insight to personnel engaged in financial services sector into the scope of financial services and also legislation governing them.

This course will be useful for all seeking career opportunities or growth prospects in Financial Institutions & Services in India. This is a unique opportunity for current as well as prospective financial services employees in all divisions, such as, Legal, Accounting, Management, Finance, Economics, Lending & Borrowing, Sales & Marketing, Banking-Products etc. Therefore the target groups of learners include students of law, chartered accountants, cost accountants, company secretaries, policy makers, researchers, technical and legal professionals.