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Evolve as a premier centre in the field of finance & research for the larger benefit of society.

Mission Statement

  • In-house and collaborative research in the areas of Personal Finance, Corporate, Finance and Public Finance
  • Inculcate and Develop capabilities among finance professional and general public to leverage the knowledge of finance
  • Collect and Disseminate relevant information to achieve objectives of Centre
  • Collaborate with local and global institutions to achieve the Centres vision


The economic development of a nation is reflected by the progress of various economic units, broadly classified into corporate sector, government and household sector. These units generate surplus/deficit through their economic activity.

Developing nations like India have access to primary resources and favourable demographic profile. The people of the nation also have savings (investable surplus) at an individual level, but the sub-optimal utilizing of the existing financial system to channelize this unit level personal savings into a national level capital is hindering its investing capabilities.

In the short run, foreign investment acts as a catalyst to jumpstart the industrial and infrastructural growth. However, it comes with raiders on repatriation and uncertainty during economic stress leaving the nation vulnerable to external shocks.

Among other factors, ‘Domestic Capital Creation’ and its judicious allocation is a long term solution for capital generation and stable economic development in the country. Domestic (Direct and Indirect) capital creation, i.e. investments into equity and equity linked instruments will create the requisite ‘investable capital’. It shall act as a complementary support to Foreign Investment during favourable global scenario and also provides an effective alternative during global economic stress.

Further, it shall also help people with entrepreneurial aspirations to start their ventures to help their economy grow as they will have better access to funds for their aspirations.

Traditionally, investment options of middle class segment which form a significant portion of society are restricted to investing in Fixed Deposits, Gold & other precious metals and real estate. However, a change at behavioural level along with requisite tailwinds like conduciveness of investment climate and robust financial system are required to channelize the surplus into equity and equity linked instruments.

The larger motive behind the establishment of ‘CoEF-N’ is to promote ‘Investment culture’ in the country thus directly contributing to raising ‘Domestic Capital’ and in turn, its economic development.

Activities of the Centre

  • Conduct Seminars and Workshops on various subjects for deliberate discussion on ‘pragmatic approaches on leveraging financial system’ for relevant audience.
  • Publish ‘Annual Journal’ to collate research findings and disseminate information to target audience.
  • Offer certification programs in collaboration with other institutions.
  • Create a platform for interaction among participants of Industry, Financial Sector, Finance Professionals and academicians to enhance knowledge sharing and addressing relevant issues.
  • Conduct comprehensive studies on the start-up eco system in India with focus on conceptual maturity, prerequisites for fund raising and investor expectations.
  • Provide consultancy services.