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1. I-AM (Innovative -Ad Makers):

It is a creative and interesting event where the team members are given with emotion and product. Chits will be provided for both the emotion and event. The team has to pick it simultaneously. They need to collaborate emotions with product and make or draw that Ad on a poster with the given stationery. Then in the next round after elimination, where there will be top 3 teams, they have to enact what they have charted on poster and make an innovative tagline.

(Tagline is must)
I. The team consists of 4-5 members
II. The team will be provided with emotion and product
III. Time duration is 30 min
IV. Each team will be given a chart and required stationery
V. Elimination will be done based on No/of votes
VII. In the next or final round, contestants have to enact what they have charted on a poster in front
of the judging panel
VIII. The best advertisement acting will be declared as the winner.

2. Logo Quiz:

When launching a product people remember the products by their logo and taglines. This game enhances your skills in branding and coming up with a creative tagline if you are a budding entrepreneur.

I. The team consists of 2 members
II. The logo will be displayed on the projector
III. Time of 30 seconds will be given for each logo question



Round -1 Set the show

Set the show is an exercise that is related to 5s in operations which are sort, set in order, sustainable, shine and standardize. In this competition, they are given cards and they have to sort that cards based on the symbols within the given time.

1. Each team consists of 3 members.
2. Each team would be given a pack of cards and they have to arrange it based on the symbols.
3. The symbols should be arranged within 2 min

Round 2:
Produce the beer

The objective of the game is to ensure that the consumer’s demand for beer can be met directly or at least with as small a delay as possible while keeping each player’s inventory as small as possible. Initially, customer demand for beer is stable at 100 units per week and the entire supply chain is in a steady state. Each member of the supply chain has an inventory of 400 units.

1. Check deliveries. Check how many units of beer are being delivered to him from his
supplier in the supply chain
2. Check incoming orders. Check how many units of beer his client in the supply chain has
3. Deliver beer. Deliver as much beer as he can to satisfy the customer’s demand
4. Place outgoing orders. The difficult step is to decide how many units of beer the player
needs from his supplier to keep his inventory stocked up and to ensure he has enough beer
to meet future demands.

Round 1: Chui Mui

Touch me not is an exercise that ensures that people reach the output through proper optimization. This game shows how the eye and hand coordination is important to obtain a perfect optimization with a set of rules. This helps in producing and good and effective output.

1. Each team consists of 2 people.
2. Each team will be given a wire loop and a simple circuit.
3. They have to reach the end without touching the circuit. If the wire is touched the buzzer will alarm.
4. Each time the wire touches loop they have to start from the beginning which increases the time to they have to do it with as much as possible optimum time.
5. They will be given 3 min to reach the end without touching the circuit.

Round 2: Kaizen

This is an operation game that tells about assembling of the inventory in less time. This game indirectly tells about how we can assemble different inventory and make that an effective product within the given timeframe.

1. Each team consists of 3 members
2. They would be given parts of plugs and it is mixed with various other parts
3. They have to assemble the parts of the plug and make the plug within the given time
4. The parts will be mixed with other various parts



1. “CORPORATE ROADIES (Communicate. Compete. Win)”
Round -1

Round 1 is a blindfold activity in this round participant should able to communicate among themselves where 2 out of 4 people will be blindfold

Round 2 is crisis management where each will be given a case for 20 minutes then they should present the analysis about the case.

Team size :4

EVENT 2: Dimaak ki bathi jalao :
Beyond all limits

Round 1 is an observation game and round 2 is stress management where the participant will be provided a case he should analyze and then questions will be posted to the participant.

Team size:1

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-14 at 3.19.59 PM


Cold Fusion

Description: This is a fusion of various areas in finance. In the first-round participants are required to list various sub-items related to the given topics and in the following round, participants are required to write an analysis of the case study they are provided with. On evaluating scores from both the rounds shortlisted participants will participate in a group discussion.

1. It is an individual event.
2. Browsing on the Internet is allowed only for round 3.
3. Scores from round 1 will be carry forwarded to round 2, participants with the highest aggregate will be shortlisted to round 3.

EVENT 2: Fintastic :

Description: In this event participating teams will be tested on their lateral thinking abilities and how they relate them to finance. In a round, 1 questions will be displayed on the projector and each question will be displayed only for 10-15 seconds, the quiz covers a range of topics from finance terms, current affairs, and logical questions. In round 2 the shortlisted 4 will participate in a quiz that covers a range of topics from finance terms and concepts and current issues and economics. Each team will be given 10 questions and if a team could not answer its question within 30 seconds then the question will be passed to the next team. In round 2 audience have a chance to win goodies.

1. Two members per team
2. Browsing on the Internet is not allowed.
3. In round 2, Each team will have 10 questions and if the team cannot answer a question within
4. 30 seconds it will be passed to the next team.




Time allotted for the event is 2 hrs
1. Teams of 5 people. No more, no less. Registered members of a team are the only people who qualify for prizes.
2. The Treasure Hunt consists of ten clues for each team, each one leading to the next clue.
3. At each treasure location, there will be slips of different colors for each team. Find your team’s colored treasure and follow the instructions given in the clue to lead you to the next clue.
4. Never tamper with another team’s treasure. When you pick up your own team’s treasure at a
location, leave the other treasures hidden there exactly as you found them. A violation of this rule could cost your team the Treasure Hunt.
5. In the interest of fairness to all teams, computers and IT devices of any kind must be strictly off-limits during the Treasure Hunt. You must rely on your team members only.
6. Team captains are responsible for seeing that their headquarters are cleaned and restored to their original conditions.

EVENT 2: “ROCK THE FLOOR” Dance Competition (Group)
Rules and Regulations
1. Time Limit: The maximum time allotted for Group dance is 6 minutes. There must be a minimum of 4 members in a group, while there is no upper limit. The time limit shall not be extended beyond the prescribed limit.
2. Prize: A cash prize will be given as per the decision of judges,
3. No profanity is to be heard.
4. Use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverage are strictly prohibited.
5. The participants are requested to bring two CDs/Pen drive of the song on which they will perform.
6. Every participant must be a college/university student.
7. No explicit gestures, comments, and movements.
8. Marks will be given on creativity, music, stage presence, teamwork, dance variation, synchronization, entertainment value, crowd response, and skills.
The decisions of the judges are final.

Rules and Regulations
1. Every participant must be a college/university student.
2. Talents may include (but not limited to) singing, dancing, instrumental music, skits, magic, comedy, martial arts, juggling, NO LIP-SYNCHING.
*Group Dance have to participate in the Dance Competition
3. The recommended length is 3 minutes (Solo) and 5 Minutes (Group)
4. There is no upper limit for no of members in a group.
5. In all cases, the decisions of the judges are final and will not be open to discussion.
6. Absolutely no profanity will be permitted.
7. Acts are responsible for their own props and costumes.
8. The participants are requested to bring two CDs/Pen drive of the song/Background music track on which they will perform.
9. Prize: Cash prizes will be given as per the decision of judges

Rules and Regulations
1. Time limit 1min- they can do a video which can be 30 sec to 45 sec up to them
2. It has to be a selfie video
3. They can choose their own theme and song
4. The video has to be shot in college in specific places
5. They’ll have to tag all the required hashtags (our college, associated sponsors. Etc) and send it to us.
6. Within the given time limit the person with the highest number of likes and views will be declared the winner

No need to say anything more than to ask you to strum those guitars (or whatever instrument you’re playing really) and bring your game. Details of the event: The genre is open; there is, therefore, no restriction on the type of music to be played. Additional points will be awarded for an original song.

Please read the following instructions clearly.
1. There must be at least two members in your band.
2. There is however no maximum limit for the number of band members.
3. The drum set, and other necessary facilities, will be provided on the venue; by the Winnow
team. The bands, however, are free to bring their own drum sets.
4. Drummers should carry their own drumsticks and pedals. (Only a basic pedal will be provided).
5. Other band members need to bring their own musical instruments. Please know that the safety of those will lie entirely on the band itself. The management of DoMS, NALSAR, or the Winnow Fest team, will not be responsible for any losses or damage caused.
6. Bands will receive a confirmation email or phone call when their registration is completed.
7. All registered band members must be available to play at Winnow Fest on 15th Feb 2019 at the Department of Management Studies, NALSAR University of Law, Shameerpet.

EVENT 6: Shutter Shot-Best Moments of WINNOW 2020
1. All contestants should submit the photos through a link shared on the day of the fest.
2. The pictures clicked should be dumped in a folder with the contestant’s name and should be uploaded in the drive.
3. The photos should be submitted within the given deadline and there will be no extension for the same.
4. The best photos clicked will be selected and will be awarded prizes for the same.
5. The photos shall be clicked using a DSLR camera only. Photos clicked using a mobile phone is strictly not encouraged.
6. Editing of photos, adding watermarks, etc. are prohibited and any such activity noticed, the contestant will be disqualified from the contest.
7. The pictures submitted should be in JPEG format only.
8. There is no limit to the number of photos clicked.
9. Before the submission of the photos, time and date are to be mentioned on the bottom corner of the photos.
10. Stitched panoramas are allowed.

1. The photos are selected purely based on creativity.
2. The judge’s decision is final.
The theme of the contest: Best moments of the fest “WINNOW 2020”
Contestants should cover all the events, people and the moments of the fest.