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It is an obligation that we bear proudly to be able to do more than peruse the latest development in our individual areas of study and expertise. Faculty members at DoMS are committed to undertaking fundamental research in their areas of interest. These research activities take final shape as papers are submitted to peer-reviewed journals (they are also written for more relaxed reading), in generalist journals,in popular media, presentations, and seminars for specially chosen groups.  Of course, they are also presented to our  students as integral parts of their learning, with information content enriched by the addition of a local perspective.

Papers in International Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  • International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (World Scientific)
  • Technology Innovation Management Review (Carlton University Press, Canada)
  • Strategic HR Review (Emerald Publications)
  • International Journal of Conflict Management (Emerald Publications)
  • International Journal of Educational Management (Emerald Publications)
  • International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development (Inderscience Publishers)
  • Journal of Knowledge Management (Emerald Publications)
  • Review of Economic and Business Studies (“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University – Iași, Romania)
  • Human Resource Management International Digest (Emerald Publications)
  • South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases (SAGE)

In addition to the partial list of journals above faculty at DoMS also contribute significantly in books published by leading national and international publishers.