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The library of the NALSAR University of Law is one of the largest law libraries in the country, not just in terms of the number of titles, but in terms of capacity as well. The library is a host to more than 30,000 titles and over 1,85,000 e-books covering various fields of study ranging from law to social sciences. The reference section of the library stocks complete volume sets of the most prestigious and well-known journals and compilations in the field of law. The library has subscribed to various online databases such as Westlaw, HeinOnline, Kluwer Arbitration, Manupatra, SCC Online, Economic and Political Weekly, JSTOR, LegitQuest, Oxford Reports on International Law, Cambridge University Press, Oxford, Taylor and Francis, Bloomsbury Hart and BRILL

NALSAR Internet Centre

The Campus is Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). In addition, the university also has LAN connectivity in all rooms of the halls of residence, faculty residences, guest house, convention center etc., The Internet Centre has about 40 Thin Clients with Linux Operating System. Besides another set of desktop systems for usage by Faculty and students are also available at the Internet Centre and in the Library. A separate bay is also provided for the laptop users. The Internet Centre is supported with a main server with a bandwidth of 8 Mbps: dual connectivity-Wi-Fi and wire. The university provides printing, scanning and photocopying facilities at subsidized rates. To prevent any unauthorised access, internet users on the Campus have been provided with a distinct IP address, and password. It is also proposed to install a CDDVD Server to facilitate multiple accesses to CD –ROM and DVD-ROM resources. Students are encouraged to purchase laptops for making the best use of internet connectivity for research purposes. The University has a state-of-art video conferencing facility to enable interaction of the students and faculty with future employers, business schools, and research institutions in India and abroad.


Our classrooms are tech-equipped & can hold a class of more than 60 people. Conference halls like the SAARCLAW Centre & Jhunjhunwala Hall are air conditioned, well-equipped, and plush – hosting a crowd of 100 and more.