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Abhigyaan - The Marketing Summit

Abhigyaan 2.0, the Marketing Summit organized by Eunoia, the marketing club of DoMS, NALSAR, emerged as a dynamic platform fostering insightful discussions on pivotal marketing trends. The summit featured enlightening panel discussions on diverse topics, including Influencer Marketing, exploring its evolving role in contemporary brand strategies. The panel discussion on Digital Business Post-COVID delved into the transformation of business landscapes, shedding light on adaptive strategies. The Consumer Protection and Managerial Implications panel scrutinized the intersection of ethical considerations and effective management practices. The panel discussion on Conscious Consumerism emphasized the growing importance of socially responsible business practices. Lastly, the discussion on Customer Experiences dissected the critical facets of creating meaningful interactions. The Book Talk on ‘For Brand’s Sake’ provided a literary exploration of brand dynamics, enriching the audience’s understanding. The summit also hosted a Keynote Speech by Mr. Prateik Das, Xiaomi’s Marketing Director, elucidating the transformative journey of Xiaomi from obscurity to being India’s most trusted smartphone brand. Abhigyaan 2.0 thus served as an intellectual feast, offering diverse perspectives on contemporary marketing challenges and opportunities.

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Gallery 2022

Abhigyaan is the Annual Marketing Summit organized by the Department of Management Studies, NALSAR University of Law. Drawing from the wealth of knowledge brought out by Industry Experts, Professors and Scholars in their field. Abhigyaan’22 witnessed a number of Panels such as Data Privacy and Its Effects on Marketing, Marketing communications post- Covid, SaaS Industry and Its trends and Impact of new age technologies on Sales and Marketing, which hosted eminent panelists from across the country. Professionals working in Google, Bosch, Jabong, Quick Sea, Godrej, DarwinBox, and IGL Delhi, among many others shared their industry knowledge to the table while Professors from the country’s leading research institutes highlighted how the current system functions and what normative changes are required. The heart of the event, lied in the Case Study competition which garnered over 39,000 views on Unstop and 613 registrations from the country’s leading IIM (Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Lucknow, Amritsar, Kashipur) and IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Jodhpur, Guwahati, BHU, Dhanbad) among many others. All in all the event was a grand success and gave students a wide exposure to the intricacies in the field of marketing.