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NALSAR University of Law has always endeavoured to promote quality research in contemporary legal issues. One of the contemporary but neglected areas in management education is a linkage with the present regulatory framework. To fill that gap and to promote further studies and research in the area of management education, the University intends to offer Executive M.B.A. (Financial Markets & Corporate Governance Laws).

There are numerous universities across the globe which offers executive management programs as a discipline to encompass all issues-both domestic and strategies that affects corporates. But the focus of such programmes is restricted towards functional areas like finance, marketing, human resources, operations and systems. None of the programmes till date have focussed on combining legal aspects of business that have a profound impact on businesses themselves. Recent move towards liberalisation and privatisation of almost all sectors also demands for a program of this kind. With an objective of bridging the gap between Law and management, the University intends to offer this Course through its Department of Management Studies.

The objective of these extension programs is to cater to a wider audience to impart key skills required to make managerial decisions and contribute to the high performing workplace. It primarily aims at:

  •  Imparting quality management and legal education to the learners including the much needed corporate governance practices
  •  Encourage learners to think beyond Job description and focus on ways to align with overall corporate strategy
  •  Developing and delivering need based and customized management perspective to the learners
  •  Application of the classroom learning in workplace and special projects
  •  Peer learning through sharing of experiences in an academic setting