IPM Applications for year 2024-2029 are Open | MBA Applications for year 2024-2026 are Open

Management and Management teaching landscape have changed dramatically over past 10 years. Moore’s law has not only captured the attention of businesses but also of management educators and administrators. This has led to the proliferation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), what modern day business schools now have to undertake is the tremendous task of character building, sensitizing towards global concerns of sustainability, corporate responsibility and imparting skills which will give them competitive advantage. We at Department of Management Studies, NALSAR through our innovative curricula and pedagogy are responding to this call. DoMS is also committed to provide need based Research, training and consultancy services using advanced qualitative and quantitative tools. This in turn keeps our program and curricula industry relevant and our students industry ready. While forging and exploring new dimensions in our MBA program we are also committed to undertake Management Development Programs (MDPs) to hone knowledge, skills and abilities of middle and junior level management executives.

Conceiving and operationalizing an idea is a difficult part of management teaching and training. To make our students experience this phase we have started Ideation Labs. These labs are more than physical spaces of sharing, conceiving and operationalizing ideas; these are places of learning, unlearning and relearning things in a social space.

I invite you to the Department of Management Studies to explore innovative management education and life-long learning.

Dr. Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik