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Over the last three decades, National Law Schools across the country have set unprecedented and unparalleled standards of rendering quality higher education in this country. Since the last decade, the Department of Management Studies (DoMS) has been making rapid strides to carve a niche for itself in area of business management. Today, DoMS runs two full-time programs, they are, MBA and integrated BBA MBA program.

Both the programs are highly popular and attract students from across the country. The unique specializations like Corporate Governance and Business Regulations, in addition to the regular specializations such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations and Analytics continue to be the USP of the Department.

The faculty members are highly motivated and continuously work for the transformation of the students of the Department. They are deep in research, which has been ultimately aiding them in rendering quality content to students across the programs. The Department facilitates a very conducive environment for the all-round development of the students. The students have been winning laurels in various competitions across the geographies which stands as a testament to the nurturing that happens in the Department. The alumni of the Department are doing well in their careers and are also actively contributing to the growth of the Department.

The business scenario at a macro level has been undergoing significant changes and the businesses demand highly equipped decision makers to navigate complex situations. In view of this, the Department is in constant dialogue with the industry leaders. The valuable insights from these dialogues are being diligently incorporated into the curricula of both the programs.

With all our sincere efforts, I am sure the students of our Department will be a great value add for any organization that they join.


Prof. Dr. K.V.S.Sarma

Prof. Dr. K.V.S.Sarma