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An idea, highly contagious, once fully formed and understood sticks right in the brain. Ideas are in multitude and the ones who implement saw their magic beans for a new turn in their lives.

We at DoMS believe that both the procurement and implementation of an idea are equally important yet understand the fact that there is a unique timing for every unique idea. We value ideas. Hence, we create an opportunity for people to showcase their ideas and rub shoulders with people who are equivocal.

Dr. Shantanu Paul

Topic: Origins and evolution of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and its application in various industries.
Guest Speaker: Dr. Shantanu Paul, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Talent sprint
Date: August 20th, 2016

The interactive session with the MBA students primary centered on the origins and evolution of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and its application in various industries.The application of AI is various industrial sectors and areas has also been discussed identified paving say for possible entrepreneurship ideas in fin-tech, biotechnology, and other automation areas.

As an extension to that, there was an interactive discussion on how the advent of AI is impacting/going to impact the workforce and employment of existing process oriented job descriptions. The discussion was also revolved around how management personnel has to adapt and adjust to the new work environment that includes Coexistence of human and artificial intelligence technologies.

Dr. A.V Vedpuriswar

Topic: Career Management
Guest Speaker: Dr. A.V Vedpuriswar, Director-Learning & Development, Cognizant
Date: September 03rd, 2016

He highlighted the importance of identifying the career fit and choice at the earliest to ensure higher productivity at workplace.

Pankaj Jain

Topic: International Taxation
Guest Speaker: Pankaj Jain, Director, EY
Date: September 04th 2016.

International taxation is the study or determination of tax on a person or business subject to the tax laws of different countries. The seminar by Pankaj Jain, director of EY, made students think how important the subject ‘Tax’ is for a MBA grad.He has given an insight about the current system of international taxation; various concepts and its practical application were explained. He has pointed out few problems faced by countries and avoiding these problems by taxation system the international taxation has its limitations in the form of territorial, residential, exclusionary system.

Dr Mamata Vegunta

Topic: Emotional Intelligence
Guest Speaker: Dr Mamata Vegunta, Head HR at Invesco India Ltd.
Date: September 9th 2016.

Dr Mamata Vegunta delivered a lecture on “Emotional Intelligence” as managing emotions at work place is the need of the hour. Students were amazed to find out what science lied behind the behavioral manifestation of emotions. They learned that any behavior is the outcome of an emotion. By identifying the trigger, one can help to channelize a negative emotion and use it for productive activities. She explained the elements of emotional intelligence. The session was later opened to questions and the participation was overwhelming.

Mr Babu Vittal

Topic: Management Activities
Guest Speaker: Mr Babu Vittal, Head HR at Shopclues
Date: September 10th 2016.

The session packed with fun yet value based activities. Mr Babu Vittal the Head HR at Shopclues, helped the students to gain an insight on the power of unconventional ideas through design. He challenged them to break the rules and think differently. They were made to sit in groups and had a series of activities.


Simhachal Mohanty

Topic: Goods and services Tax (GST)
Guest Speaker: Simhachal Mohanty
Date: September 04th 2016.

Simachal Mohanty, shed some light on GST and its overall impact on various industries. GST is the tax that is implemented on any kind of goods and services. Indirect tax system in India is very complex due to multiple taxes at multiple rates; with the implementation of GST tax evasion can be reduced to a large extent, which will help in the growth rate and increase of revenue. The seminar gave insight to all the finance aspirants. it opened doors to opportunity that haven’t been explored.


Mr Tejaswy Rama

Topic: The necessary art of Presentation
Guest Speaker: Mr Tejaswy Rama
Date: September 24th 2016.

Mr Tejaswy Rama gave his valuable insights on how to articulate and express oneself during an interview is the need of the hour. We were amazed to find out what techniques could possibly crack and interview to land a job. He briefed that one needs to establish credibility, connect on a common frame of mind, provide evidence and connect emotionally.

These 4 pointers act as a guiding force to crack an interview. One needs to present confidently, and make the interviewer believe that this interaction wasn’t a waste of time. The credibility shows through manifestations like marks, certificates and accolades. The session was later opened to questions and the participation was overwhelming. All of us had innumerable questions and he patiently addressed each one of us. We were elated and felt confident as soon as the session ended.

Sunita R. Cherian

Topic: Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence Guest Speaker: Sunita R. Cherian
Date: 29th September 2014.

An engaged employee is a happy employee and a happy employee is a productive employee. However, instituting employee engagement is not an easy task. Guest speaker and session leader Ms. Sunita R. Cherian brought her close to 2 decades of work experience at Wipro to the table to demonstrate what role emotional intelligence can play in employee engagement.

Role plays group exercises and probing questions engaged course participants in the best possible manner. Sessions beautifully linked the concepts together to appreciate the relevance and important of employee engagement and emotional intelligence in modern caring organizations of the world.

Dr. Rajshekar Krishnan

Topic: Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management
Guest Speaker: Dr. Rajshekar Krishnan
Date: 27th & 28th September 2014

Some of the most pressing issues that corporates face today include Diversity and Cross Cultural Management. Course Instructor, Dr. Krishnan brought some of the corporate learnings to classroom enabling students to appreciate the concept of diversity and cross-cultural management. Fostering dialogue was the hallmark of sessions conducted by Dr. Krishnan. Integrating best of the west and learnings from Indian literature was also a remarkable feature of the session.

K. Nageswara Rao

Topic: Commercial Banking
Guest Speaker: K. Nageswara Rao, Consultant-Commercial Banking
Date: 10th, 17th & 24th September 2014

India is considered among the top economies in the world, with tremendous potential for its banking sector to flourish. The size of banking assets in India totaled US$ 1.8 trillion in FY 13 and is expected to touch US$ 28.5 trillion in FY 25. Bank deposits have grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2 per cent over FY 06-13. In FY 13, total deposits were US$ 1,274.3 billion. The country’s banking industry looks set for greater transformation. With the Indian Parliament passing the Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill in 2012, the landscape of the sector has duly changed. The bill allows the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to make final guidelines on issuing new licenses, which could lead to a greater number of banks in the country. In the next 5-10 years, the sector is expected to create up to two million new jobs driven by the efforts of the RBI and the Government of India to expand financial services into rural areas.

In response to this, Mr. K. Nageswara Rao delivered a lecture on various aspects of commercial banking operations to the second year students of MBA. Students really enjoyed these sessions with him and it helped them to update their knowledge and skills in the area of commercial banking.

Mr. Pallav Goswami 

Topic: Retail Management
Guest Speaker: Mr. Pallav Goswami, Consultant, TATA Consultancy Services, Gurgaon
Date: 20th and 21st September 2014.

The plethora of job opportunities and the significance of an academic course in Retail Management in India has been noteworthiness in the prevailing market scenario. The Industry has been directly proportional to the populace’s increasing urge for- Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness. A paradigm shift which changed the face of Indian Retail Sector, from the traditional mom and pop shops and ‘kiranas’ to huge, highly systematic and extensively equipped departmental stores, to suit the needs and growing demands of the customer in every possible way.

The technological prodigy, e-tail (online markets) is also another arena where in an MBA graduate can surely secure a dream job. For the purpose of providing the students with relevant and structural information in the field of Retail Management, DoMS-NALSAR had invited Mr. Pallav Goswami, an expert in the respective field to offer a Single Credit Course on the 20th and 21st September 2014. His knowledge, expertise and a fresh approach towards the subject helped the students to understand the several categories, departments, and operations, the Retail sector is divided into. Many upcoming topics viz. SMAC (Social Mobility Analytics Cloud), Customer Relationship Management, Linear and Neural Shopping Map were discussed in these interactive sessions. His experience in the domains of Change Management and Consulting were also beneficial for the students as many current issues regarding organizational and individual level changes were elucidated. This credit course was a successful contribution to strengthening the knowledge base of the students and provide them with extensive information about the different avenues in Retail Management.

Mr. Niroj Mohanty 

Topic: The Business of Climate Change
Guest Speaker: Mr. NirojMohanty, Managing Director, CoreCarbonX
Date: 17th September 2014.

Change is the only constant yet for the first time we have begun to realize that these changes can impact us in ways that we could never envisage. Our climate is changing. The problem is it is no more natural. Human interference has led to climatic changes that have the potential to create the world without human beings. But whenever there is a problem, there are some who come up with solutions. The talk explored possibilities of sustainable transactions between nature and mankind.

Mr. Ramaswamy Annam

Topic: Financial Analysis Planning & Control
Guest Speaker: Mr. Ramaswamy Annam, Director-Business Development, BRIPL, Hyderabad
Date: 13th and 14th September 2014.

Students should not only have good subject knowledge but also should know the trends in the market. To fulfill the same agenda, a session on financial analysis: Planning & Control was conducted on 13th and 14th of September 2014. The course was taken up by Mr. Ramaswamy who is currently working at Brickwork ratings in a leadership role.Mr. Ramaswamy with his valuable experience in the field of financial services across various firms has provided the students with practical insights from the industry. As today’s education is inclining towards being more industry oriented, his insights created awareness and a great understanding of the market, which would be their future workplaces. The session was completely an interactive one, where the students could get any of their doubts clarified in the arena of finance. Students were made familiar with the various career options available in the market for the unique course structure at DoMS NALSAR. “In this era of technological innovation, information is available from all the directions.

Wise is the one, who makes the best use of it” said Mr. Swamy and He also spoke about the importance of financial information in the current time and suggested us ways to make the best use of the same to come out with sound financial analysis for better planning and control of the entire business.The session all together was an enlightening for all the students about what career option in financial analytics would suit them the best and how well they can leverage their skills to stay competitive.

Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam

Topic: Digital Marketing
Guest Speaker: Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam, Founder, Open Digi
Date: 7th and 8th September 2014.

Marketing strategies have changed a lot with the advancement of technology and increasing internet usage. These days, marketers are emphasizing the use of internet platform for their promotion campaigns to reach the maximum audience. At the same time, our Prime Minister Mr. Modi has also seen a dream of digital India. So there is no doubt on the growth of demand for digital marketing professionals in this decade. Due to these facts, it is imperative for professionals to be equipped with the knowledge and skills related to digital marketing.

In response, DoMS-NALSAR offered a unique industry relevant single credit course on Digital Marketing on 7th and 8th September 2014 to the second year students with a marketing specialization. Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam one of the experts in the area of Digital Marketing in India was invited to offer this course. Students were trained on various critical aspects of Digital Marketing such as; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Blog Management, Google Ad-words etc. This workshop has been able to equip our students with the knowledge and implementation of key tools and techniques related to Digital Marketing.

Dr. B. N. Ramesh

Topic: Crisis Management
Speaker: Dr. B. N. Ramesh, Deputy General of Police
Date: 4 October 2013.

Mr. H. S Mukerjee

Topic: Corporate Communication: Connecting at Work
Speaker: Mr. H. S Mukerjee, Chief Consultant and Principal Education and Research
Date: 28 September 2013.

Dr. Vivekananda Suri

Topic: Career Planning and Leadership Development
Speaker: Dr. Vivekananda Suri, Director, E ÔÇô Business Suite, Operations
Oracle Software India Ltd
Date: 21 September 2013.


T. Jayasuriya

Topic: Campus to Corporate
Speaker: T. Jayasuriya, Regional Manager ÔÇô Lubricants
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
Date: 28 August 2013.

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