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Our Industry Advisory Board is constituted of practitioners in senior positions who have an interest in education and learning, and who have agreed to spend quality time with both the faculty and students at DoMS. They include management staff at the corporate level within those organizations that have already recognized the value of our program and subscribed to it by hiring employees for their work from among our students. We anticipate a considerable discussion between these stakeholders, teachers, learners and employers, through the months to come, and welcome them into every aspect of the school’s functioning.

Our Board members participate at least in two informal sessions, where, together with our faculty members, they engage in an introspective and futuristic exploration of the areas where the industry requires the most effective, informed support. Present board members are:


Pramod Chadrasekhar

Pankaj Dubey

Tejaswy Rama

Srinivas Kollipara

Ajaya Mishra

Sridhar Chunduri

Praveen Pantula

Babu Vittal

Pankaj Jain

Deepak Gupta