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Welcome to NALSAR University of Law, a name that needs no introduction in the echelons of higher education in India. It gives me great pleasure to present this institution of eminence to you, an institution that is ranked among top three National Law Universities in the country by NIRF. With students admitted from all over the country and faculty drawn from home and abroad, NALSAR is consistently rated among the best centers for legal education in India.

Since its inception in 1998, the University has been home to vital conversations on law and justice and more recently management and strategy as well. NALSAR is committed to the creation of legally conscious, ethically balanced community that protects and promotes the rule of law and also create sustainable value for the society.

In my opinion, an effective business leader is one who is Innovative, dexterous, ethical, legally-aware and socially responsible. Legally aware, not just in the context of the knowledge of laws and regulatory frameworks, but being comfortable in leveraging them to be successful. Training for these capabilities and encouraging students to find the right balance is a challenge, a challenge that NALSAR proudly accepts.

In line with this philosophy, NALSAR offers programs that create inter-disciplinary convergence between the disciplines of law, social sciences, humanities, and management studies in both developing and executing the curriculum. The newly launched 5 year Integrated Program of Management is one more milestone in our efforts to stay true to this philosophy.

At NALSAR, we firmly believe in the ability and the motivation levels of young inquisitive minds to acquire knowledge and capabilities that can potentially transform them into ‘Effective Leaders’. It is our mission to contribute to development of such future leaders through supportive and conducive learning environment, an environment that encompasses academic curriculum structure, research orientation, Intra-university and Inter-college peer group engagement, contextualized to the dynamic industry needs through internships and Industry-interface programs.

The world, particularly the corporate world is moving towards a more meaningful engagement to understand and deal with sensitive issues like sustainability, inclusiveness and diversity. At NALSAR, we are deeply perceptive of these concepts and a deliberation (or) dialogue extends well beyond the curriculum paving a way for strong and perceptive leaders of tomorrow.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, it is undeniable that the current macro environment is far from ideal, highly uncertain and ambiguous. The challenges presented before us are not conventional and don’t have conventional solutions. But, it does present an opportunity to demonstrate strength of character, skill, and challenging conventional thinking to emerge stronger.

Wishing the Best