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Our IPM students, Sai ShriyaVishruth KarasaniEDWIN RAJ JOSEPHYeshaswine Tamarakolanu, share the experience they had during their summer internship at : Milma situated in Kerala .

“Our internship at Milma (MRCMPU) has been the most rewarding and motivational experience we have had during our time as first-year students at DoMS NALSAR (Business School of NALSAR). With such empathetic, compassionate, and supportive mentors at our internship who helped us during the fieldwork and in the process of writing a descriptive report on our research upon the topic – Role of various factors affecting the Solids Not Fat (SNF) content of milk in crossbred cows across the Malabar Region and Temperature and Humidity Index (THI) and its relationship with SNF, Fat, and Milk Quantity. The project assigned helped us improve our research and conceptualization skills. Every team member got ample opportunity to showcase their leadership skills, and our ability to indulge in critical thinking was tested. Collaborating with farmers and social workers helped us understand the impact of our study. Communication and understanding their needs helped us make necessary changes and additions to the report to provide the best results.”

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