IPM Applications for year 2024-2029 are Open | MBA Applications for year 2024-2026 are Open

Department of Management Studies offers two full time residential programs – a two-year MBA program and a five-year BBA MBA Integrated Program in Management (IPM), besides courses offered in proximate. Department started with offering the two-year program in 2013 and introduced the five-year program in 2021.

Vibrant businesses are crucial for nation building as they provide huge employment opportunities and contribute to the national economic growth besides many other associated advantages. New age business leaders and managers are required to be equipped to face the challenges of the then contemporary societal business challenges. This necessitated a blended management education and look beyond core management education. NALSAR a premier educational institute in law is the first Law University in India to offer programs in management, as it is ideally suited for blended education. Our IPM program provide the management students with requisite legal, psychological and sociological underpinnings.

University strives to nurture the young students with values, societal consciousness, inclusivity and provide a holistic learning environment with the requisite academic rigour. Dynamic academic engagement is essential in all spheres of education including management education. Management education has the potential to provide new age business leaders who can transform developing nations into developed nations; and the academia has the responsibility to visualize and create such an environment. We, the faculty at Nalsar are committed to ensure our students the holistic learning experience.

Prof. (Dr.) K.Vidyullatha Reddy

NALSAR Univeristy of Law

HOD Maam 2