IPM Applications Edit Window is Open till 3rd June 2024| MBA Applications for year 2024-2026 are Open

Executives working in the industry over years crave for career growth or lateral movement. In this modern competitive business world, opportunities come to those who want to up-skill, and cross-skill as the companies have become even more competitive and value those who can solve multiple problems. This program is designed for those who want to upgrade themselves while keeping their jobs intact.

The Executive MBA (EX-MBA) program is a unique and carefully designed 2-year program combining skill building with good management practices. Through this program offering, we aim to provide participants with an integrated knowledge that combines top notch managerial skills and relevant legal knowledge to foster career growth.

The objective of these extension programs is to cater to a wider audience to impart key skills required to make managerial decisions and contribute to the high-performing workplace. It primarily aims at:

  • Imparting quality management and legal education to the learners including the much needed corporate governance practices
  • Encourage learners to think beyond the Job description and focus on ways to align with overall corporate strategy
  • Developing and delivering need-based and customized management perspectives to the learners
  • Application of classroom learning in the workplace and special projects
  • Peer learning through sharing of experiences in an academic setting