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Earlier last year, when the pandemic struck our country, especially disrupting the education sector; DoMS NALSAR University of Law was the only place I could find solace as an MBA aspirant. From the onboarding process to conducting online classes, the university has carried out everything with such ease and seamlessness that attending online classes does not feel like a logistical nightmare as faced by my peers who are pursuing their MBA in other B-Schools. The pedagogy followed by the University is very exceptional; the experienced faculty help us lay a strong foundation by teaching us the theoretical facets of subjects using an amalgamation of Case Studies and textbooks and then help us fortify our knowledge base by assigning Live Industry projects to each student. These projects have assisted us in gaining the essential practical application of theory as well as a solid resume so we are industry-ready. 

Through the series of Icebreaking sessions that were conducted by the university and the emphasis that is laid on teamwork from group projects, we have become very familiar with our peers despite the distances that the pandemic has forced us all into. The university fosters a very vigorous environment that assists its students to develop strong intrapersonal relationships, helping them network and comprehend how to manage and work in a rather diverse team. My experience in the past year with DoMS, NALSAR University of Law has been a very fruitful one, I have had the chance to develop on skills and have evolved to become a better version of myself, both personally and professionally. For anyone who is seeking a home away from home, DoMS is the right place for you to kickstart your career as a management professional!


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