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With the announcement of campus opening up, there’s been a buzz among the students. With questions ranging from food to accommodation, the stoke has been high!

Starting your journey at a new school is exciting and to arrive at a lush campus like NALSAR is something worth looking forward to.Preparing for a campus move-in often involves a lot of web searches; scrolling through the university’s website and social media handles to find out not only what the campus looks like but also how one could be involved in the campus life. You may have a lot of questions – What should I bring with me? What sports can I play? How do I join a club/committee?

To make it a tad bit easy for you, we’ve made a list of tips to help you feel as prepared as possible before you step foot on campus.


Living Spaces:

The individual hostel rooms come equipped with basic amenities.

Each student is allotted a storage space i.e., a 3 shelved cupboard, a cot, and a study desk with a broadband wire connection. Students are advised to keep their private rooms clean to prevent any hygiene-related issues. Common utilities like a full-size mirror, dustbin and a water cooler are installed on every floor.

Students are encouraged to interact with their senior cohorts (easily found on LinkedIn) to understand the essential items to bring this will help pack the right things before you arrive and prevent you from over-packing.

Shared bathrooms are cleaned every Monday-Saturday (with the exception of Sunday to accommodate the weekly off for our cleaning staff) All the toilets & shower rooms are fully enclosed separate units. The space also comes with a set of mirrors & wash basins. The shower rooms come with hooks, soap holders, and have both a shower & a tap. Students are advised to bring their own toiletries. 

For more information visit the Student Life segment on our website.

Societies and sports clubs:

There are over 10 clubs/cells at DoMS – this is a group of students sharing a common interest/passion, and organise relevant activities around it. Check out our Clubs & Cells under the Life at DoMS segment of our website. For example, the Binge Club organises movie screenings while the Speakers Club conducts speaking & debating events on various topics. Joining a club can really make a difference to your university experience, helping you foster new friendships, have fun & learn new skills.

Clubs often have tester events specifically for freshers & attending them could help you decide which club is the best for you. You could also follow the clubs on their social media accounts to find what events are being hosted once you arrive on campus – Instagram is the most popular media platform used by the clubs to announce their events.


Nearby Activities

Researching restaurants and fun activities to do in the nearby areas of Shamirpet is a great idea. However, due to the pandemic, students will be living on campus until it is safe to venture out.

Exploring the local cuisine, visiting Shamirpet Lake or taking a cycle ride/walk around the lush, green area should definitely be on your bucket list while you’re studying at DoMS.

Campus life will be one of the most interesting and enriching experiences of your life. And we can’t wait to host you all here. See you in January!