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From the house of NalStreet, comes the magazine #FinNomal, a publication created with the principal objective of “Making Finance Normal.”

Our goal while creating the magazine was the widespread circulation of financial knowledge to all. The magazine provides readers with articles with an emphasis on Money, business, and politics.

The magazine’s inception took place when our mentor, Dr. Rahul Gandhi sir and founder, Aryan Kumar had a vision to create a magazine that would assist others in developing their understanding of finance and how it relates to the rest of the world.

From this vision, #FinNomal was birthed and Sajal Shrivastava, known for his linguistic skills was hired as the #chiefeditor, responsible for the creation of #FinNomal. The team was further expanded when Mokshit Batra came onboard as the #ManagingEditor. Special credits to Isha Dhull for designing the inaugural edition of #FinNomal.

The inaugural edition of #FinNomal was launched on the 3rd of February, 2023 at the inaugural event of NalStreet, in the presence of Dhwani Patel, co-founder of MarketFeds and Professor Vidyulatha Reddy, Registrar of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, 25 copies were printed of the 36-page issue.

Our mentor, Dr. Rahul Gandhi wanted #FinNomal to not just be a magazine created by the minds at NalStreet, but rather a platform for everyone to share their knowledge.

Hence, for the first edition of #FinNomal, submission of articles was open to all. The magazine received an overwhelming amount of responses, spanning multiple batches across both law and management disciplines. This edition expanded to more than double the previous size, spanning 76 pages with over 50 copies printed for circulation.

This is only the beginning for #FinNomal. We have much ground to cover and many milestones left to accomplish, and we are optimistic about the future of #FinNomal.

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