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Our IPM student, Shubhangi Dwivedi, share the experience she had during her summer internship at : HOPE situated in Lucknow.

“For the summer internship of my first year of the IPM program, I decided to join an NGO named HOPE Initiative operating in Lucknow and the NCR region. With their work in the areas of health and environmental awareness, I got to learn about a lot of health issues people on the grassroots level, face. I had field visits to Thar and Mauda villages near the Firozabad block. It was a wholesome experience to interact with the people of Thar. They were so welcoming and attended the programmes conducted by the NGO with extreme enthusiasm. They showed us their kitchen gardens and planted saplings with us to celebrate World Environment Day. I also went to a school in the Mauda village where students displayed their creative skills on recyclable materials that we brought to the workshop for them.”

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