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Procedure for Admission

  1. The admission shall be through a written test conducted by NALSAR University of Law
  2. Candidates who have qualified for UGC NET / JRF / SLET / M.Phil. are exempted from taking the admission test.
  3. All the candidates who have cleared the admission test as well as those who were exempted from appearing for it are required to submit a preliminary proposal of about 1000 words which outlines a research worthy problem. The candidate would need to convince the research committee that the identified issue was research worthy but not enough scholastic attention has been devoted to it. Candidate would be expected to show a familiarity with the literature on the subject. The interview will primarily revolve around research worthiness and how the existing literature does not address the research questions raised by the candidate.
  4. These preliminary proposals will be screened through the anti-plagiarism software. If the percentage of plagiarism for any proposal exceeds 15% then the candidates will not be called for the interview and the application shall be summarily rejected.
  5. Once a research proposal is cleared by Turnitin the preliminary proposal shall be scrutinized by members of the Research Committee and only candidates whose proposals are approved by a majority of the Board members shall be called for interview.
  6. All the candidates who have cleared the admission test and the interview, they will be provisionally admitted for M.Phil. / Ph.D. and will be required to attend Research Methodology course to be conducted by the University.
  7. The Research Board shall appoint a supervisor /supervisors for all candidates whose preliminary proposal is accepted as worthy of research. The supervisor / supervisors shall guide the candidate to convert their preliminary proposal into a final order to support the candidate in converting their preliminary proposal into a final proposal.
  8. After successful completion of the Research Methodology course, the candidates can submit their final research proposal.
  9. The final research proposals shall be then presented to the members of the Research Committee for comments and suggestions. The candidate with the guidance of their supervisors appropriately incorporates the suggestions in their final research proposal.
  10. Candidates who successfully complete the research methodology course and submit their final proposal in consultation with their Supervisors shall be finally registered in the M.Phil. / Ph.D. program. The period of registration in the program shall become operable from such final registration.
  11. Candidates who have cleared the admission test but were either not called for the interview or failed the interview shall be given two more opportunities to re-submit their proposal without needing to reappear in the Admission Test.