MBA 2024-26 Merit List Declared Phase II

The program is designed to provide thorough conceptual clarity and understanding to all students. After every year of study, the program provides for ‘structured action learning’ or ‘learning by doing’. After the first year of study, students undergo a rigorous village immersion program wherein students spend 6 – 8 weeks in villages in various parts of the country to learn the realities that remain unseen by many. Such understanding will help students gain insights on life beyond cities and towns which is in consonance with the goals of the program to prepare business leaders who are aware of social realities.

Similarly, after the second year, students spend 6 – 8 weeks with start-ups. In recognition of the fact that as a young, vibrant and growing nation, the entrepreneurial culture has proven to be the major driver of GDP growth. The IPM program recognizes this and, in its design, as well. Such internships intend to invoke the entrepreneurial spirit of our students who may, later on, embark on their entrepreneurial journey or use skills learnt through such experience in corporate houses for better outcomes.

After the third and fourth year of study, students have to undergo an internship with corporate houses to identify their areas of interest and pursue a career of their choice post the completion of the program.