IPM Applications for year 2024-2029 are Open | MBA Applications for year 2024-2026 are Open

PO1: Integrated Knowledge and Interdisciplinary Approach: Demonstrate a deep understanding of concepts of law, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and management principles, apply a multidisciplinary perspective to analyze and solve complex problems, combining managerial, legal, and other relevant fields of knowledge.

PO2: General, Technical and Professional Skills: Demonstrate the application of learnt concepts and foundational values through contextualized actions during various personal as well as professional instances and exhibit level five leadership, voluntary cooperation, and effective teamwork in a group.

PO3: Application of knowledge and Skills: Practice diligent managerial acumen learnt during the rendering of the programme to identify and solve business problems.

PO4: Investigate and analyze complex business problems: Categorize complex business problems through thorough research-based deduction, analyze the problem using critical thinking skills and propose apt solutions for best outcomes of all concerned stakeholders.

PO5: Constitutional, humanistic, ethical, and moral values: Evaluate business problems and recommend solutions that are embedded in sound ethics, law, socio-cultural realities as well as are environmentally responsible.

PO6: Employability and Entrepreneurial Mindset: Create a structured approach to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among the learners and synthesize knowledge to impart and enhance employability skills.