IPM Applications for year 2024-2029 are Open | MBA Applications for year 2024-2026 are Open

Programme Outcomes of MBA

PO1: Knowledge and Understanding: Recognise and reproduce knowledge and understanding of key concepts in management for forward integration in real life managerial situations.

PO2: General, Technical and Professional Skills: Demonstrate the application of learnt concepts and foundational values through contextualized actions during various personal as well as professional instances and exhibit voluntary cooperation and effective teamwork in a group.

PO3: Application of knowledge and Skills: Practice diligent managerial acumen learnt during the rendering of the programme to identify and solve business problems.

PO4: Investigate and analyze complex business problems: Categorize complex business problems through thorough research-based deduction, analyze the problem using critical thinking skills and propose apt solutions for best outcomes of all concerned stakeholders.

PO5: Constitutional, humanistic, ethical, and moral values: Evaluate business problems and recommend solutions that are embedded in sound ethics, law, socio-cultural realities as well as are environmentally responsible.

PO6: Employability and Entrepreneurial Mindset: Create a structured approach to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among the learners and synthesize knowledge to impart and enhance employability skills.